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The Expectation Station

2 AM, awakened by an external alarm that would not turn off, perpetuating me into a projection field of anger, frustration and irritation. Sending me on a path of stomping my feet, swearing under my breath, using the side of my fist to turn the light off, closing my door loudly in an attempt to prove how wrong it was for this alarm that I did not set to have awakened me at two in the morning. Leaving me wanting to up the ante when I felt not heard, by smashing the alarm into tiny little pieces… because I’m sure that would have granted me a morsel of bliss in that moment. It may have but I know regret would slither it’s way in once it was all done.

I’m human and yes at the age of 39, I still have moments that could be reminiscent of 4 year old me not getting her way.

After praying to release the anger, frustration and irritation, lying comfortably in bed, eyes closed and waiting to fall back asleep, thoughts and words flooded my mind. I knew it wouldn’t stop until I expressed them in some way and in turn fully releasing it all.

Expect the unexpected unless of course it’s expected than expect the expected….

Expectations. Our own and those placed upon us sets us up for disappointment and resentment toward ourselves and others. It leaves us wanting more with no understanding of why we are not getting what we want. Becoming clouded by the expectation, we try to become what is expected of us, even if it’s incorrect or not in alignment with our inner divinity. Other times the expectation can destroy or hinder the gifts and magic of someone.

Through self-expectation we place ourselves in “waiting at the expectation station”. Waiting for our health to improve, for the perfect job, for the perfect partner, for more money, for whatever it is that was created by our own expectations for ourselves to occur in order for us to be truly happy, content and accomplished. The truth is, life rarely ever works out the way our mind envisions.

I’m just going to say it….there is no time to be waiting at the the expectation station or to be placing expectations on others. There just isn’t. Time is precious, more precious than you realize.

Surrendering and releasing into the flow of life without the controls set in place by our mind that creates rigidity and a predictable “safe” life brings us into alignment. Surrendering and releasing, letting go of the expectations so that the true essence of what it means to live can blossom in our hearts. Allowing ourselves to move into harmony with all patterns of life and death, trusting the great flow of life to take us gently amongst its waves. When we realize that there is a dance to life and if we allow the rhythm to take us willingly, we can experience this life free of expectation.

Celebrate who you are, celebrate all the things you have went through to get to this point. All the twists and turns, ups and downs, all of it. Celebrate the darkness within as well as the light. Celebrate your gifts and talents and all you have to offer. Because you are a divine being of creation, unique, none other like you. Celebrate all of life and find yourself steeped in bliss and ecstasy.


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