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About AnsuzArts
Northern Valkyrie

The name AnsuzArts means Divine Communication in the form of Art.  I use Art as a unique way to express the Divine energy which flows through me.  This Divine energy flows through and can be accessed everyone.  It is my journey to bring to this reality the images, messages, and creative power of the Divine.


Northern Valkyrie is how I describe everything that I offer.  Bringing forth powerful transformational energies to help awaken the magic that lives within you.  I offer many different forms of healing the body, mind and soul.  Sharing these different modalities and holding that safe sacred space for others to heal is my purpose and my passion.  


Take a look around the site and see if there is anything that I can offer you that will help support you in your journey.  I look forward to getting to know you! 


Reception  Transformation  Expression

Northern Valkyrie

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