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I have known Tammy for many years!!! She had taught me how to my make my drum!! As well as introduced me to the human design! I am now studying the Runes and super excited to work with her in any way I can! Such an amazing intuitive kind heart!! I wish I lived closer as I would so love to do more work in person!

Shannon Lund

 I have known Tammy all her life, I have watched her grow into a strong, very talented, patient, young women. She is always learning something new and always trying to help people with her knowledge. I went to a couple of her yoga classes ( I live in Camrose) and I wish she lived closer, I would of wore out my welcome a long time ago. Keep up the amazing things you do.

Sharon Lyons

Tammy is a modern day, living Valkyrie with a deep understanding of the Runes, and seidhr. She is a teacher with a practical, efficient teaching style. If you are looking to learn more about Norse Magic, yoga, or healing I would recommend her classes and transformational circles.

Mireya Bailey

I have had the great privilege of attending three Core and Cellular Transformational Healing events with Tammy/Valkyrie Awakening. Ms Bergen is, in a word, 'The Real Deal'! No fakery, ego-tripping or charlatanism here. She is so inspiring to work with and completely humble about her gifts. Tammy carries the historical power and abilities of her lineage. She is well versed in Norse mythology and traditional Runic knowledge, and brings a living healing invocation forward in her work. I have witnessed and felt great releases of blocked emotion in her presence. Her heart and her channel are pure, nothing short of magical. I cannot recommend her work highly enough to do it justice. If you are fortunate enough to get a chance to work with this amazingly talented woman-just GO sit with her. She's the Real Thing!! with great love and respect Garner Boyce Butler

Garner Butler

Tammy is an AMAZING healer and teacher! I can’t wait for her next workshop. I highly recommend her.

Erin Georgopoulos

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