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Dreams of Prophecy

I lift my face to the hall of the sun and moon

Shields of the the house of storms

Their healing rays equally cleansing

As I surrender myself to the messengers of Yggr

Shifting and drifting among realms

Dreams of prophecy and transformation

Brought on the wings from the swans of blood

I see the river of Fenrir

Flowing quickly, made of the Gods

I see the common seat of men

Consumed by the sorrow of yew

I see the sons & daughters of earth

Seeking refuge among yggdrasil

I see all the kin of Bor & Bestla

Engage in the storm of the sword

I see the choosers of the shield

Gathered in spear-rain

I see the victory maidens on saddle beasts

Riding into the meeting of arrows

I see the borderland of the sun

Brighten with the flame of the skies

I see the last elm-bow tree fall

Silence of life-robbery

I see amongst the battle-harbour

A creature of charms, a witness of glory

I see her hands placed on the reindeer-sea

Gleam of the elf world clears the storm-shrine

I see the rain of eyes upon her face

Spell songs escaping her lips

I see Draupnirs dew drip from her fingertips

Down into the stones of the fallen

I see the realm of mankind transformed

Upon the last sword-meeting

I see a new life begin

A new way of being

I feel the stone of valour

At ease, at rest, gently beating

I feel the discs of the sky

Bringing me back to nights slumber

~ Tammy Bergen


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