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She Is

She is the whisper in the wind, the cool crisp winter air on my skin.

She is the grounding of the earth, the creation of life all around me.

She is the mist in the early morning, the dew as the sun sets.

She is the flutter of the Owl's wings, the very beating of my heart.

She is the voice that speaks of the unknown and known, the song that echoes in the darkness and the light.

She is the divine presence in my dreams, the magic - weaver in my life.

She is with me in all ways, the part of me that has always been.

She Is, She Is, She Is


Photo: House of Courtesan / Delain Witzaney Makeup Artist: Ruth Bancroft

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Lisa Berkholtz
Lisa Berkholtz
30 dic 2020

Your absolutely stunning Tammy! And your words, so powerful. Thank you for sharing! A true blessing 🌟

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