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ODIN and the RUNES

Sorcerer of Rune Magic and Wisdom

Odin is a widely revered God of wisdom, poetry, death, divination and magic. Son of Börr and the giantess Bestla, and brother to Vili and Ve. Together with his brothers he created Midgard (earth) out of the Jötun Ymir. He has many names in many cultures because he has taken many shapes on various occasions throughout the realms. He is the Allfather, the father of Gods and mankind, the great spirit of the universe and occupies the high seat of Asgard, Hlidskialf. Husband to Frigg and father to Baldr and Hodr (with Frigg), Thor (with Jörd), Vidar (with Grid) and Vali (with Rind). He is known to the Norse as the “breath of life” and the divine ancestor of countless families from all of Northern Europe.

As a seeker and giver of wisdom and knowledge, the God who is willing to sacrifice parts of himself and even his whole self in exchange for such gifts, he is the God we reach out to, to ask for the wisdom of the Rune energies. We can receive a wealth of knowledge by building an ongoing relationship with Odin and allowing ourselves to be open to his teachings. He made the ultimate sacrifice to attain the Runic energies and so should we be ready and willing to do so.

Odin hung for nine days and nine nights from the sacred tree Yggdrasil, self-wounded with his spear, in deep thought he won the knowledge he sought:

I trow I hung on that windy Tree

nine whole days and nights,

stabbed with a spear, offered to Odin,

myself to mine own self given,

high on that Tree of which none hath heard from

what roots it rises to heaven.

None refreshed me ever with food or drink,

I peered right down in the deep;

Crying aloud I lifted the Runes

Then back I fell from thence.

~ Olive Bray Translation

Once he mastered this knowledge, this Runic wisdom, Odin carved Runes upon his spear Gungnir, upon the teeth of his horse Sleipnir, upon the claws of the bear, and upon many other things within existence and not. From that moment on Odin was given by the Runes power over all things, he also received gifts of eloquence and poetry by using the Runes to help shape his Wyrd. This sacrifice is only one example of Odin’s unquenchable thirst for understanding of the mysteries of life and his extraordinary will to attain it.

Odin knew that the Runes only reveal themselves to those who are worthy of such insights and abilities. So he set out on quest to prove himself a worthy enough being to gain such divine gifts. He believed the only way to do that was to release himself entirely to the universe and to creation, gifting his essence not only to the Runes but to himself.

As apprentices of this path we can learn much from this, and bring these lessons inward helping us to further our expansion in this human existence. If we are willing to travel the realms of ourselves to find the Yggdrasil that exists within us, if we are willing to sacrifice ourselves on a spiritual level, we can also receive the gifts and power of the Runes.

What is your intention for the use of the Runes?

What are you willing to release or sacrifice in order to gain the wisdom of the Runes?

What will you gift OF yourself as an offering for the gifts of wisdom and knowledge?

Are you ready for the transformation that will occur within all layers of your body from working with the Runes?

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