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Self Acceptance

For years I have asked Great Spirit for the ability to accept myself fully where I am at in my journey. I have struggled with self - image, self - confidence, self - love as my body has gone through many changes, sometimes extreme, over the last 7 years throughout my journey with Graves and now IBS.

I can say, it hasn't been easy and at times I really wanted to give up, throw in the towel, and begin a new journey all together in another realm.

This morning while in meditation, all of this floated through my mind once again and then SHE spoke to me. Her words echoed through my heart and brought a sense of peace and love that spread throughout my body.

HER message:

My dear one, if you only knew the strength and power that you carry.....

All that exists will experience change in one form or another, it is the nature of nature. It cannot be stopped, nor should it be stopped.

Your body needed to transform in order to make space for what is to come. Now that this transformation is fully taking place in your body, understand that it was YOU who had asked for this all along.

Do not run from it, do not hide from it, allow it to take place in every cell of your being.

Allow the transformation and then become the transformation.

Fear not the dark abyss in front of you, instead see the dark abyss as a blank canvas to create, to paint or draw a new way of being, a new way of living that better supports you.

Pour the sacred honey into the cracks of your being that have formed from the fear. Allow the sacred honey to heal every part of yourself.

Reach into the unknown with courage and the knowing that you are supported in all ways. With the knowing that the ability to accept yourself is and has always been there.

Step into the darkness of change and light the way with your divine shining light.


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