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When Seeking Northern Mysteries

One of my passions is studying ancient Norse Lore, the Elder Futhark, and Norse symbols. I am always learning and unlearning. Always open to new ways of perceiving information. In this last year I have begun to gather all of that accumulated knowledge and share/ teach it to others in hopes to bring more awareness to it all.

More and more people are seeking ancient knowledge and these days all you have to do is google it. The information is at our fingertips so to speak. Now more than ever it is imperative that we do our research, that we seek that information that we resonate with, that we connect deeply with our body and intuition when it comes to everything we take in.

It is important to remember that much of the written knowledge that exists within Scandinavian Lore is from the christian era and therefore can be influenced in such ways. Not much has survived from the pre-christian era. That said, we also need to understand that all of this ancient knowledge flows within our veins, it exists in our blood and our bones. This is the importance in listening to our intuition, to our body, and also connecting with our ancestors.

Many scholars state that there is no evidence showing that the Runes or Norse Symbols had any magical meanings or use. I beg to differ, but I am not scholar and I am not a historian so some would say that I am not qualified to make this claim.

In the Havamal it speaks of a shamanic experience that Odinn undertook to receive the wisdom of the Runes. Also within the Havamal, Odinn speaks of 18 Rune Charms that assist one with certain challenges in their life. The words in the Havamal were spoken by Odinn himself. To me these words show that there is a magical, spiritual meaning connected to the Northern Mysteries.

But as I have mentioned above, it is important to know where the information is coming from, what era, and understanding how it could have been influenced. What is most important though is for you to know what information is right for you. For you to assimilate that information and those practices that your blood and bones resonates with.

The Ancient Norse Practices, like any practice, has evolved and changed. There are those who are reconstructionists that attempt to recreate the rituals and ceremonies of the ancients to what they believed was exact. This is perfectly okay, but I believe that there was no strict way of connecting with the Gods and Goddesses, that every tribe had its unique way, that rituals and ceremonies changed with the specific need in the moment.

So with any of my teachings I strongly encourage my students to search out information beyond me their teacher, to find their way within it all, and to truly connect with the symbols, the beliefs and the practices. The Elder Futhark for me are living entities that each possess their own unique power and energy. They will speak to each of us in their own way. Yes, books, the internet, workshops....all of these can help with our journey, it can all be helpful with providing direction and support.

But I encourage everyone to go beyond the books, YouTube videos, Gurus and to connect to themselves, to their ancestors, to the ancient knowledge that flows within them. Be discerning, seek out your truth, and live honourably.

My desire with my teachings is to share the knowledge that I have and to encourage my students to recognize their own.

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